BST Survey Solutions PLC

Our services

We offer consulting for                        

  • Data collection methods:
    • In-person interviewing, with laptop computers/tablets/PDAs (CAPI)
    • In-person interviewing, with paper questionnaire
    • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)
    • Focus group facilitation
  • Instrument design and testing
  • Tacking and locating households and/or services
  • Surveys of organizations
  • Research design consultation
  • Local language instrument development and implementation
  • Sample design services
  • Anthropometric Measurements
  • Respondent tracing / tracking services
  • Digital recording of telephone interviews
  • Transcription of digitally recorded interviews
  • Questionnaire design, testing, and implementation including cognitive interviewing
  • Data entry
  • Coding of open-ended survey responses
  • Interaction coding
  • Preparation of cleaned data sets with:                        
    • Full documentation
    • Codebooks with frequency distributions
    • Conversion of data into SPSS, STATA or SAS data files
  • Analysis of results through written reports and presentations

The company conducts face-to-face, telephone, and focus groups for clients on a cost-reimbursement basis. BST-Survey has the experience and capacity to conduct all forms of survey research. Core members of the firm complete thousands of interviews each year, often using long, complex, survey instruments. We have achieved consistently high response rates across all type of survey methodologies. 

BST-Survey has state-of-the-art interviewing and data processing equipment; we employ a staff of well-trained and highly professional interviewers; we use training, supervision, and interviewing procedures designed to produce work of the highest quality; we are highly skilled at programming and implementing our data collection software; we have staff who are experienced in the preparation and analysis of complex data files.


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