BST Survey Solutions PLC

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Headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, BST Survey Solutions is a survey and consultancy house established to serve a wide-range of clients including research institutions, donor agencies, NGOs, bi-lateral agencies, local governments and civil society sectors to ensure programs aimed at improving the lives of the most vulnerable groups around the world are of the highest quality and meet the needs of the beneficiaries for whom they are planned.

BST Survey has broad experience in using Computer Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI) methods for implementing complex multi-topic, panel, and multi-language surveys. We are dedicated to deliver solutions-based results for clients.

Our survey experience includes virtually all forms of survey research including Paper-based surveys, CAPI surveys, and focus group facilitation. The size of our projects varies widely, but a sampling of CAPI projects would include: a longitudinal survey (5 rounds) with over 1,700 respondents who each received a 75 minute interview on IFPRI’s Index-Based Weather Insurance Project and CAPI interviews with a sample of 5,000 households in the four main regions for Ethiopian Agricultural Agency (ATA) project.

Very few organizations in Ethiopia have devoted themselves to the collection and management of quality data for understanding the underlying socioeconomic issues in the country. People at BST-Survey are committed to such effort using state of the art survey methodologies and employing highly technical data management systems. This has been the key for core members of BST-Survey's success over the years helping to produce many excellent research outputs that dealt with critical issues relating to food-security and agricultural policies, poverty alleviation programs, nutrition, health, gender and educational achievements of the people in the country.


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